Mini Easter Baskets from Artiste Cupcake Wrappers!

This is such an easy Easter project! Perfect for a little gift or candy!

I cut the wrapper at 2"

To make the bottom I welded a 2" circle and two 3" capital I's (from Artiste but any skinny rectangle shape would work). I rotated one of the I's so they formed a plus shape then placed the circle in the middle. (This gives the circle four 1/2" tabs.)

I folded the tabs and used liquid glass to glue them on the inside of the wrapper. The handle (just a 3/4" strip) was also attached with liquid glass. I kept it simple with some buttons, but it could be dressed up so much more!


Kigz said...

Um, one word....BRILLIANT!!!!!! :)

Jayma Malme said...

I love it!

Carolyn Mendoza-Canales said...

Adorable!! Gonna make something similar for the kids classmates - thanks for the inspiration Ashley!!

Karina Hurst said...

Really cute and yes you could dress it up or down depending on what you want....love it!